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We’re partnering with some of the largest shopping mall centers around the country.

The potential for Garra Spas to expand is enormous, with over 200 malls open for consideration.

We generate revenue from multiple sources.

From our franchising arm of the business, revenues come from franchise fees and ongoing royalties. From our corporate arm, revenues come from the spa services sold in our locations. Additionally, we have profit margins built into a line of spa products, including hand/foot creams, body butters, and salt scrubs. These products are sold in our franchise and corporate locations.

Being one of the first in the industry, competition is scarce.

For the few competitors that do exist, we compete with heavy IP, including patents on the filtration system and the chair/tank furniture design. Additionally, we’ve essentially addressed every reason others in the industry have shut down in previous years. For example, we use an authentic breed that is 100% toothless, we don’t starve our fish, and we filter/sterilize the water to prevent the risk of infection. This is a relatively new industry, and we were first in the market with a proven concept and business model. We then began franchising our concept to build a well-known and reputable brand.

“A bright outlook for the personal care service industry”*

Our industry, personal care services, is projected to grow nearly five times faster than average between 2020 and 2030, according to the BLS. We provide an exciting and innovative service within this industry, making our company a hotspot attraction for those looking for something fun and unique. This combination is what makes the investment a good one.”


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