Franchise FAQs

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Garra Fish Spa?

The initial investment range noted in the Franchise Disclosure Document is $129,000-$199,000.

Does Garra Fish Spas Offer Financing Options:

Garra Fish Spas is pleased to announce our partnership with the top Franchise Financing company in the country! Guidant Financial is dedicated to customizing a personal financing plan just for you. They offer a suite of 6 different financing options that can be stacked together to achieve your goals of financing your Garra Fish Spas business venture.

401(K) Business Financing:

  • Debt-free way to start a business
  • No collateral needed
  • No tax penalties

SBA Loan

  • Term loans with competitive interest rates
  • Access to 3,600+ lenders
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated loan consultant
  • Single loan application
  • Rapid loan package analysis and approvals

Portfolio Loan

  • No liquidation of existing securities
  • Low-interest rates
  • Deferred payments if opening a new franchise (up to 24 months)
  • Flexibility with a revolving line of credit

Unsecured Loan

  • Low introductory interest rates
  • No collateral needed
  • Helps build business credit
  • No use of proceeds requirements

SBA $150K Loan

  • Low down payments
  • No collateral needed
  • Fast funding

Equipment Leasing

  • Quick funding
  • Low deposit
  • Up to 60-month term
  • Interest rate 6.99-13.90%

Click our FREE Pre-Qualification Link now to see what financing options you may qualify for, and schedule a free Guidant Finance Specialist consultation.



Potential Revenue Opportunities

The Garra Fish Spas model is designed to be scalable focusing on market-leading high-profit margins and low start-up costs. Offering Multi-Unit development and Mobile event opportunities, the success and scalability of your business are completely up to you. Please see our FDD for more Revenue information.

What if We Never Owned a Business Before?

We are so excited to work with you! We find that most of our franchisees are first-time business owners, and we are dedicated to teaching you everything we know about running your business and creating a Legacy for your family!

Why Should I Choose Garra Fish Spas?

We truly believe there is no other business like Garra Fish Spas. 

What are the Franchise Fee & Royalties?

The Franchisee Fee is $45,000 per location, and the monthly Royalty is 8%.

How Active Do I Need To Be In Running My Store As An Owner?

The Franchise Agreement does not require you to be a full-time Owner-Operator of the Store. We do, however, highly encourage and recommend all Franchisees have an active role and devote their full-time energy and best efforts to the management and profitability of your business.

Can I Do Mobile Events?

Yes, we love getting out in the community and sharing a fish spa experience with everyone! 

What Will I Get For My Franchise Fee & Royalties?
  1. You will be given our expertise and guidance throughout the start-up and operation of your business.
  2. We will provide an extensive initial training program, at a location we designate, along with providing additional training on-site at your Garra Fish Spas.
  3. We may provide a prototype and specifications for constructing the Store and for the exterior and interior design and layout, fixtures, furnishings, equipment, and signs.
  4. If you do not already operate a Garra Fish Spas, we may provide a representative to be present at the Stores opening.
  5. We may provide additional on-site pre-opening and opening assistance to the extent we deem advisable.
  6. We will lend you a copy of our Confidential Owner’s Manual (COM) for the duration of the Franchise Agreement, which is comprised of almost 7 years of Operating successful Garra Fish Spas Businesses!
  7. You will be granted access to our vast network of seasoned Garra Fish Spas Franchisees.
  8. We will be on site multiple days during the Grand Opening of your new Franchise making sure the store passes our initial inspection and everything runs smooth.
How Long Will It Take To Open My Garra Fish Spas Franchise?

We estimate that the time period from finding an Approved Site to the start of operations at the new location will be approximately 1–3 months. This time may vary based on many variables, including, but not limited to the ability to locate a site, negotiate a lease, secure financing, and obtain necessary permits and licenses.  Weather conditions, construction or build-out delays, and any delays in transit of equipment and/or supplies will also affect this time frame. 

Will Garra Fish Spas Help Me Find An Approved Building?

Yes, we will. 

How Much Training Will I Do?

Initial training will be at your store location. We do recommend visiting one of the stores so that you are able to get an introduction.

What Are The Next Steps To Becoming A Part of The Garra Fish Spas Family?

1. Franchisee Approval Process

  • Submit Franchise Interest Form (please note that each principal owner of the business will need to go through the entire Franchisee Approval Process)
  • Schedule your Discovery Call with our Franchise Development Team
  • Go through our Credit Check process through Guidant Financial
  • Accept your approval of being awarded a Garra Fish Spas Franchise!

2. Site Selection Process

  • Identify an area that is open for development
  • Work with our expert team to secure approval of a property suitable for a Garra Fish Spas Franchise
  • Secure a Lease/Purchase Agreement on an approved property

3. Franchise Development Process

  • Execute your Franchise Agreement
  • Work with our team to layout and guide the up-fitting of your building
  • Complete our Corporate Training Program

Franchise Opportunities!

Are you interested in opening a GARRA Fish Spa near you?