This special breed of fish, known as Garra Rufa, is attracted to the vibration in the water given off by the pulse in your body. As soon as your feet enter the water, the Garra fish begin searching for the source of that vibration they feel. This is similar to the way a dog would sniff out a scent.

This specific sub-breed does the exact same thing in the wild. So, our process is designed to mimic their natural environment, which keeps the fish happy and healthy!

While they are busy looking for the source of the vibration from your pulse, their movement around your feet creates a very relaxing feeling that is often described as like bubbles all over your skin. The light sensation from the tiny fins rapidly moving across your skin is what creates this relaxing feeling!

Water Filtration


Water Pumps

Our patented filtration system utilizes multiple pumps that filter the water at 598 GPH. This equates to more efficient water movement than changing the entire tank between each guest! In a 20-minute timeframe, the water gets completely changed more than four times!


UV Sterilzer

We install a special ultraviolet sterilization device to filter and kill bacteria from the water. This is what creates the crystal clear water seen in each of our tanks all day, every day! This brings the risk of infection down to near zero.


Carbon Reactor

A unique carbon reactor pump is housed under the seat of each tank. This device uses carbon material to pull out and remove any foreign particles or debris from the front of the tank. This ensures the fish are happy and healthy while our guests experience only the cleanest water.


More Filtration

In addition to the other filtration components, we utilize 200-micron filtration socks, oxygenation pumps, and sponge filtration in all of our tanks. This ensures only the highest quality of water for our fish and our guests!


The Ionic Cleanse involves a warm foot bath designed to manipulate positive and negative ions in order to pull toxins and impurifications from the body. This process happens through the pores of your feet, and the color of the water will change to a pigment corresponding to what sort of toxins or bacteria might be more heavily concentrated than others within the body.

For best results, it is highly recommended to utilize the Ionic Cleanse in a series of 12-14 treatments over the course of a planned period of time. See a Garra Spa associate for these details.

And that’s not all…

We also test our water regularly and drain/clean each tank by hand at least once every week.

When it comes to water quality,
we cut no corners!

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